Recipe index

Coconut-toasted spiced muesli with maple gluten-free | refined sugar-free
Apple and almond custard with greek yoghurt and berry coulis gluten-free | refined sugar-free
The best homemade muesli with vanilla poached pears gluten-free | refined sugar-free
Fruity breakfast loaf with walnuts and almonds gluten-free | refined sugar-free
Toasted muesli with fresh fruit and pistachio dust gluten-free | refined sugar-free conversion

Seedy, nutty snacks bars gluten-free | refined sugar-free | vegan
Halva, walnut and cinnamon truffles gluten-free
Almond, cacao and peanut butter cookies gluten-free | refined sugar-free
Berry, coconut and almond cakes gluten-free | refined sugar-free
Spiced date and nut filo cigars refined sugar-free
Orange scented macaroons gluten-free | refined sugar-free
Spiced banana, date and walnut loaf gluten-free | refined sugar-free
Vanilla apples with lemon and almond crumble gluten-free | refined sugar-free
Orange and almond chocolate thins gluten-free
Lemon, almond and honey syrup loaf gluten-free | includes refined-sugar free conversion
Pistachio, almond and coconut florentines
Almond, coconut and orange cake with honey and mint syrup gluten-free
Almond, pistachio and raspberry cake
The ultimate cookies ‘n cream
Orange, almond and blueberry muffins refined sugar-free
Coconut, almond and tahini cookies gluten-free | refined sugar-free
Roasted carrot and caraway seed cake with orange marscapone gluten-free
Feijoa, lime and almond cake gluten-free
Lemon, cardamon and pistachio crumble gluten-free
Orange, almond and polenta cake with lemon, rosemary and fennel seed syrup gluten-free

Za’atar-roasted potato and aubergine salad with haloumi and a minted yoghurt sauce gluten-free | vegetarian
Roasted potatoes with leeks, olives and feta
Charred broccoli salad with toasted seeds, olives & feta vegetarian
Homemade tartare sauce and my ultimate fish burger
Lemony leek pilaf with baked fish and a herb caper salsa gluten-free
Celeriac, leek and dijon soup gluten-free | vegetarian | includes vegan-conversion
Roasted beetroot and red onion dip with feta and dukkah gluten-free | vegetarian
Aubergine and ricotta dip with candied walnuts and mint gluten-free | vegetarian
Dukkah wrap with tomato, mint and goat cheese
Dried lemon zest
Tomato, garlic and feta couscous
Herby quinoa salad with green beans and feta gluten-free
Courgette fritters with tomato and red pepper salsa
Lemon and garlic white bean purée gluten-free
Nutty, seedy loaf gluten-free
Soul-warming chili beans gluten-free
Sweet and nutty salad dressing with tahini, mirin, lemon and chili
Homemade tomato passata gluten-free
Candied walnut salad gluten-free
Chimichurri gluten-free
Aubergine, walnut and caraway seed dip gluten-free
Herby cannellini beans with preserved lemon and goat feta gluten-free
Baked salmon with red pepper salsa and a herby pea crush gluten-free
Cauliflower fritters with avocado, coriander and lime sauce gluten-free
Minted pea crush with lemon and horseradish gluten-free
Preserved lemons gluten-free
Parsley pesto pasta with lemon and capers
Slow-cooked lamb shanks with olives and anchovies
Brussel sprouts with pancetta and walnuts gluten-free
Cannellini and pancetta cassoulet gluten-free
Coriander chicken (or tofu) curry including vegetarian/vegan conversions

MINI-ME MEALS (ideas for feeding the littlies)
Apple and almond custard with greek yoghurt and berry coulis gluten-free | refined sugar-free
Oaty, nutty bites gluten-free | refined sugar-free
Raw chocolate bars with hazelnuts, coconut and vanilla gluten-free | refined sugar-free
Frittata filo pies
Tomato, feta and garlic couscous
Israeli couscous with a tomato, vegetable sauce gluten-free | refined sugar-free
Salmon and quinoa filo parcels
Soft-serve berry and banana icecream gluten-free | refined sugar-free
Cheat’s risotto gluten-free
Pasta carbonara
Homemade sausage rolls
Quick banana fritters refined sugar-free
Stewed fruit with cinnamon, orange and quinoa gluten-free | refined sugar-free


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