In a previous (pre-child) life I had ample time to cook up a storm in the kitchen on a weekly basis. This blog came about from these days of plenty when I wanted to keep a record of things I’d conjured when memory failed me. These days I’ve had to downgrade the storm to a high-wind-warning since I’ve now got two little people nipping at my heels. My beloved little business Needle & I takes up any of my spare time so my blog posts are sadly a little few and far between these days. Having said that, I still love to cook when I’m able the blog posts are not far behind.

I love to cook food which nourishes the body and warms the soul, food which doesn’t involve me crossing seven seas to find some obscure ingredient I’ve never heard of, food which satisfies my love of the wholesome and the delicious and above all, food which gets me excited enough to “mmm” at least three times during consumption.

I have an allergic reaction to recipes which list more than 15 ingredients and don’t believe things need to be so involved or complicated to produce satisfying meals. I haven’t got much spare time these days so the food I cook is very user-friendly with simplicity at its heart. I’d love to hear from you if you have any questions about the recipes contained herein…I’ll endeavor to answer your kitchen-conundrums to the best of my knowledge and if all else fails will consult Wikipedia, or at the very least ask my mother.

Please feel free to get in touch…I’d love to hear from you.

Lauren Butler